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A Message from our President

Company President: Toshiaki Takamiya

Our company started as a small tackle shop along the Murasaki River, in Kitakyushu Japan after World War 2, and has carried on for around half a century. It has been our motto to use and speak through nature, to make our customers dreams come true, which has led us to carry a wide variety of fishing and outdoor goods. Japan’s society and economy have changed dramatically over the years, and now people are enjoying relatively more free time and better income. So in this ever changing environment fishing remains to be one of the largest growing recreational activities in Japan, from children to the elderly. We have received a lot of support from fishing and outdoor fans alike, plus our local customers, so we would like to express our gratitude to all of those who supported us.

In order for Japan to overcome many of the issues it faces today, we must first make it possible to construct a healthy system for our society that will continue growing, along with becoming more in touch with nature. These ideas have been becoming important themes for Japan in recent years. We here at Takamiya have the ideology of a broad social society, to have a deep rich human nature, and to have a high productive society.  In order to bring these ideas into reality and tackle the problems we face today; we have worked with our local and area communities, helped teach people to nourish their children in a healthy manner, have created activities to motivate the elderly, and have created an environment for parents and their children to interact. From here we at Takamiya, while using fishing and out door activities to teach people about nature's magnificent wonders and pleasures, we wish to continue to tackle the problems of today through our business activities.

At the same time we have the support from our many customers, and have received from them complete trust. So in order to inspire them into realizing the wonders and excitements of nature, we are always aiming to give them the highest quality service we can provide.

From here as we continue on into the future, we wish to keep the idea of coexisting with our environment, communities and customers a number one priority; while as a business entity, trying to find solutions for our ever changing environment and answers for today’s needs. Plus we hope to spread our wings into the global community, while continuing to try and create a sustainable balance between humans and nature.